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Locally Sourced

Woods for many of my flutes are sourced from the west coast of BC, Canada.

Custom Design

Flutes can customised with laser graphics and artistic blocks upon request.

Haunting Sounds

These handmade Native American style flutes produce a sound that is simply mesmerizing.


Haunted Coast Flutes

The Native American flutes that I create are an adaptation on the šiyótȟaŋka [see-yoh-tahn-kah] which has roots in the indigenous peoples of the American South West and Eastern North America, whose history dates back 6,000 years, making the flute the third oldest musical instrument known to man (learn more about flute history at Flutopedia).


Hand Made

Haunted Coast Flutes are handcrafted by lathe or hand carved in a small shop in Nanaimo, British Columbia. My flutes are only available in Canada.

Carefully Crafted

I accept orders to customize flutes and if you have a specific wood, key, or style in mind please contact me and I will endeavour to accommodate your request.